A KU graduate, in mortarboard and gown, and guest take a photo together, at Commencement.

Information for guests

The student you’ve supported for years is finally reaching the milestone of Commencement. Thoughtful planning will ensure a stress-free ceremony for you and your family.

Two KU graduates in mortarboards and gowns give each other a hug at Commencement.


You may want to arrange lodging, accommodations, or announcement mailings ahead of the ceremony. Read about those opportunities and more.

Flowers in front of the Memorial Campanile on the University of Kansas campus.


Whether you are a Lawrence resident or a visitor from out of state, you can ensure a successful trip to KU's campus by reviewing parking, transit, and other relevant information for Commencement guests.


A KU graduate, in mortarboard and gown, gives the peace sign.
A group of KU graduates throw their mortarboards into the air.
KU graduates, in mortarboards and gowns, have a photo taken by the Chi Omega Fountain..