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Apply for Graduation (AFG) and names listed in the printed Commencement program
March 1 is the last day undergraduates and law students can submit their Application for Graduation (AFG) to ensure their names are included in the printed Commencement program.  The March 1 deadline also applies to masters and doctoral candidates, though their actual degree requirements may not be due until late April.

Note: All students who wish to have their names included in the printed program should be certain that the Commencement book hold box is NOT selected.  Please review these instructions: Apply for Graduation.

Students complete the AFG online by signing into the Enroll & Pay system. Once logged in, navigate to Degree Progress/Graduation. Click on KU Apply for Graduation.

Note: Completing the AFG does not mean course requirements are complete and your graduation is approved.  You must contact your respective schools to finalize details.

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