Application for Graduation

Students cheering during graduation

Commencement Program Names

Students planning to graduate Spring Semester need to complete their Application for Graduation (AFG) by Tuesday, March 1, 2022.  Completing the AFG will also ensure that your name is included in the printed Commencement program. This applies to all KU and KUMC students, though degree requirements for masters and doctoral candidates may not be due until late April.

Students complete the AFG online by signing into the Enroll & Pay system. Once logged in, navigate to Degree Progress/Graduation. Click on KU Apply for Graduation.

  • On the AFG, confirm that your Preferred Name is correct.  This is how your name will appear on your diploma and in the Commencement program.
  • If you DO NOT want your name and degree printed in the Commencement program, check the Commencement Book Hold Box.
  • Questions should be directed to your Advisor.

While in Enroll & Pay, you are encouraged to also check your Campus Personal Information and

  • Confirm your email address and add the email address you will use after graduation.
  • Confirm your parent/guardian's email and mailing address.

The printed program will include previous summer and fall graduates along with this year's spring candidates for graduation participating in the May commencement.  Names for the graduates that complete their degree requirement in the summer of 2022 will appear in next year's program.

Note: Completing the AFG does not mean course requirements are complete and your graduation is approved.  You must contact your respective schools to finalize details.