Marshals and Class Banner Carriers of the University

Board of Class officers traditionally carry the class banner down the hill.This is Ashley.

University Marshall Greene descends the steps of Spencer carrying the mace.

Board of Class officers selected Tomas Green to carry the class banner.

Marshals of the University

Instructions 2018

The University Marshal is chosen by the Chancellor to serve a three-year term, in which this person will lead the procession and ceremony for Opening Convocation and Commencement, as well as several ceremonial events during the year that require the Chancellor’s attendance. The University Marshal also carries the Mace.

J. Megan Greene, Associate Professor, Director of the Center for East Asian Studies

The Associate Marshals (four total) serve in a support capacity to the University Marshal at Opening Convocation and other university events and take on a major role for Commencement by organizing the other Marshals and the flow of students down the field to ensure they are seated in the correct area.

Marlesa Roney, Professor of the Practice,  Educational Leadership and Policy Studies department, School of Education

Tom Volek, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Faculty Development, Associate Professor, Journalism

Lisa Wolf-Wendel, Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and Coordinator of the Higher Education Master’s Degree Program

At Commencement, the Faculty Marshals lead the faculty procession down the Hill and form the gauntlet that the students walk through to their seating area during the ceremony.

The Procession Marshals maintain the flow of the entire procession from the beginning to end.  They are assigned to areas along the procession route.  Many volunteers (both staff and faculty) have served in this vital capacity over the years.

The Chancellor’s Marshals lead the platform party down the Hill during the last part of the procession.  Each year, the current Faculty Senate Chair and University Senate Chair serve in this role.

All of the Marshals listed above wear special KU blue ceremonial regalia that is unique to KU. Click here for the Marshal Instructions/Information. 

Each School/College selects two faculty members to serve as the School Marshals and one exceptional student to serve as the Banner Carrier.

The School Marshals and Banner Carrier lead their respective schools in the commencement procession.

The entire student body is led by four Class Banner Carriers from the Board of Class Officers in the Commencement procession. Each year, the board officers create a unique design for their graduating class year.

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