Regalia (mortarboards, tams, gowns, tassels & hoods)

Graduates are required to wear regalia when participating in the Commencement ceremony, as well as any school, college or departmental recognition events unless notified otherwise.

Regalia is available for purchase at KU Bookstore on the Lawrence, Edwards, KU Medical Center-KC campuses. Students at the Salina and Wichita campuses should contact 913-588-2548 or email to order. 

***April 26, 2018: Deadline for faculty to place rental orders***

Tassel Colors
For undergraduates:

Architecture, Design & Planning: light purple
Business: light brown
Education: light blue
Engineering: orange
Journalism: cardinal
Health Professions: mint
Liberal Arts & Sciences: white
Music: pink
Nursing: apricot
Pharmacy: olive green
Social Welfare: citron
Doctoral and master's candidates wear black tassels, law graduates wear purple.

Commemorative crimson and blue tassels and Jayhawk zipper-pulls are also available. 

The KU Bookstore hosts a fall and spring Grad Fair.  Staff will be on hand to help fit regalia.

How do you wear a mortarboard?

Place the cap on your head so the point is in the front, about 1 inch above the eyebrows.  You should wear your mortarboard level on your head with the tassel placed on the right side.

What side do you wear your graduation cap tassel?

You should wear the tassel on the right side of your mortarboard, and when the chancellor confers your degrees at the Commencement ceremony, you will move your tassel to the left side.

How do you wear a post-graduate hood at graduation?

You should follow these tips regarding your graduation hood:

  • Unfold your graduation hood with the colors facing outward and place over year head.
  • Attach the hood cord to your shirt button or use a pin to keep the hood properly secured and positioned.
  • Request some assistance to turn your colors out on the back, so they show.
  • You can also carry your hood to your ceremony to get some help.



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